I Am David G

Who Are You?

Too Many Things…

There are too many things that lead up to this point in my life for any of this to be just chance. I am at this point in my journey that it is coming to a head and a sense of surety has become predominate in my daily life. It is knowing. So many things have lined up in perfect order, better than I expected. I am thankful and peaceful and glad for the road I have taken. It has brought me to this place of understanding all that is possible.


Jumping Rope

In the beginning of December my friend Troy invited me to join the group of guys he works out with three days a week. I found that being in the group pushed me beyond any workout I had done on my own anywhere and signed up after the first week, having two gym memberships for the first time in my life. I still keep the one that is just down the hill from my house. One of the workouts included jumping rope which I had not done since sometime when I was in elementary school thirty years ago.

Yesterday, jumping rope for the fourth time sine the 1980’s I realized that my mental state changed when I was swinging the rope. Mentally, I was going back to a state from childhood and was not able to maintain more than several consecutive jumps without the rope catching my feet and needing to start over. I decided to try on a new state and forget everything about who I had been in the past and just focus on that rope going around and perfect timing of my feet not being on the floor as the rope passed.

I found that I could maintain that state without distraction for quite a while and string together 20 or 25 jumps without distracting myself into another state. It caused me to pay more attention to my state very closely before jumping. It has made me wonder what other states I could improve going forward.

I AM, and What Are You?

Inside me runs a recording. It plays continuously, like a musician’s looping machine. And, like the musician, I am in control of what is looped. I continuously tell the story of who I am, over and over again, every day. Day in and day out I am telling the story of who I am. How do I see myself? What am I saying about me?  I believe that this story that I tell, now, more consciously than ever in my life, is creating my reality.  It is creating my reality over and over again. And, I am choosing carefully, those things that I choose to repeat, both out loud and, most importantly, in my internal dialogue, because they matter. Those things that I have been saying inside and out, for over forty years have shaped me, also, inside and out. Sometimes they were “I AM” statements I have deliberately chosen.  Sometimes they were things that I was told or I assumed, that I chose, for reasons supportive of my life at the time, to adopt, even though they must have caused me great pain.

Now, I am aware. Now, I choose. Now I AM all that I choose to be. I am filling my life with possibilities, there is no longer a need to compromise for any reason.  I AM because I say so.

What is the story you might be telling yourself about who you are? What about your reality have you questioned today? If it is not bringing joy to you, you deserve to ask the question: “Who Am I?” and… “Am I willing to change that for joy?” Too often, I have held on to “I AM” statements out of fear; fear of being alone, fear of leaving others behind, fear of being separate, fear of not fitting in, not being loved. The truth is, that in the moment a decision based in fear is made, it becomes cemented in reality. Then, continuously repeating it over and over, it becomes truth for us.  Now, and in an instant we can turn to the new us, simply by starting with the phrase “I AM…” 

Health Filled
Good with Money
Easy Going
Always Early
Finding Myself With More Money than I Know How To Spend

It is uncomfortable to start the new “I AM” statement, but I assure you, that after three days it will become more natural. And, after one week it will become kind of fun. Then, after ten days or less you will start to see evidence of the change making itself manifest for you. Then after forty days you may not even remember what it was like to have been anything else…kind of like you are doing now.


Replacing Everything With God

Today I was asked what to do when things just seem to be negative and you are trying to shift them to positive. At first, I thought about what that is like and instead of the standard “turn your attention to what is positive” I realized that it might be one of those overwhelming situations so i suggested getting out and changing venue (i.e. stop what you are doing and go find a distraction) and then you will settle into seeing things in a more positive light.

Then, I thought about that a while and I know sometimes that is not an option (maybe you are at work or driving or otherwise committed) And in those times I have found it effective to just close my eyes and chant “God” over and over. God is light and God is love and it flows through us when we are tuned to it. When I am tuned to what is wrong with my life I see more of that and when I am tuned to Love and Joy and God everything is looking up always.

We all come to this I think. I hope we all do. It is the only thing that works for me long term. I am the luckiest person I know and things always work out for me. I am blessed. Thank you.

Facebook and the Like

I was asked by a friend last week why I had stopped posting on Facebook. In 2011 I realized that I was really caring how I was viewed by the public. It has been my habit to convince those around me that I am who I want to be and then relax into my perception of how people saw me. This is the lazy way perhaps but it has worked for me. In any case, I found that when I was posting on Facebook I was really concerned with what people thought of me and that is so not what I teach and so not what I am. Perhaps it is part of the human condition. 

This person who I spoke with asked me to continue to blog because they have got value from what I have to share. So I am back to doing the blog. I will blog as I am inspired and I hope that it brings value to you. Blessings, Khach